Friday, April 07, 2006

Key Words and Phrases in Constructivism

Constructivism ...
emphasises learning and not teaching
encourages and accepts learner autonomy and initiative
sees learners as creatures of will and purpose
thinks of learning as a process
encourages learner inquiry
acknowledges the critical role of experience in learning
nurtures learners natural curiosity
takes the learner's mental model into account
emphasises performance and understanding when assessing learning
bases itself on the principles of the cognitive theory
makes extensive use of cognitive terminology such as predict, create and analyze
considers how the student learns
encourages learners to engage in dialogue with other students and the teacher
supports co-operative learning
involves learners in real world situations
emphasises the context in which learning takes place
considers the beliefs and attitudes of the learner
provides learnersthe opportunity to construct new knowledge and understanding from authentic experience

Key words and phrases:
meta learning
meaningful learning
discovery learning
situated learning,
cognitive learning and thinking,
thinking about thinking,
learner initiated inquiry and exploration,
holistic approach,
learner control,
teacher facilitation.